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My Name is Mary Baker and I am the Founder of Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties.  I created this Company because I have a passion for helping other Women Achieve their Dreams of Financial Independence.  I have a 20 Year Background in Sales Management and am used  to Managing, Motivating and Training Hundreds of Successful Salespeople. I have created a Company where women can have fun, helping other women spice up their love life and make a lot of money doing it.  I have also put together the most lucrative pay structure of all Adult Party Plan Companies.  Our Pay-plan is simple and pays you for everyone you hire without making you have to sell $500 worth of product each month to qualify.  I was a very successful Recruiter for a Party Plan Competitor until they changed their pay-plan to force me to sell $1000 worth of product each month to get paid on the 200 women I had in my down line. That  is when I quit and I knew I needed to start a Company where Manager/Recruiters compensation was based upon the total volume of their teams and not their own personal volume.  That way we have Managers in place to help their team become successful instead of competing with them for sales. Great Management and Coaching ensures our Sexy Diva Presenters are well trained and that they have the help they need to achieve success. I am excited to see where this journey goes and for all the Beautiful Sexy Divas that will make up this Company.  Its not often you get an opportunity to get on the Ground floor of something this Great and Exciting. Lets take this Journey Together.



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