How to Pick the Correct Lingerie for your Body Type

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Admit it my Lovely Diva's we have all done it.  We have walked through Victoria Secret grabbing lots of pretty things that we just know will look SO SEXY on us!!!! While we are waiting for the dressing room we are fantasizing about how we are going to meet our man at the door, rose petals on the floor and on the bed and then we get to the dressing room and try it on and WHAM!!!! NOTHING FITS RIGHT!!!!!! We look at ourselves in the harsh lights and the mirrors and we tell ourselves darn Victoria Secret Mirrors they must have come from the Carnival because I know I do not look like this in my Mirror at home!!! Now we feel crushed and defeated and we leave Victoria Secret with a body lotion. I guess it's a T-Shirt and flannel pants for our man again tonight!!! What now!!! 

Knowing your body type and what style of lingerie looks best on you is very important and can prevent this happening over and over again.  Our Presenters are Sexy Diva Lingerie Parties are trained to help you determine your body type and we have styles of Lingerie that fit every body type and weight. To Host a Party or to become a Sexy Diva Presenter email us at;

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