Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie Compensation Plan

Beautifully Intimate - Sexy Diva Lingerie Compensation Plan

We have 4 levels of Divas and Hustlers. 


Join for FREE as a Diva or Hustler and you get 25% from all your Website Sales and a 30% Purchase Discount.  You get a One-time 50% Discount on your First Purchase of $150 or more to add Lingerie and other Items to your Kit to stock up on items for your Party Plan Business. (Discount not included on Kit purchases). 


If you purchase the $199 Kit when you sign up as a Diva or Hustler, or sell more than $200 in Website sales, or $400 in personal purchases after discount, in one month, you will become an Advanced Diva or Hustler and your website sales Commissions will increase to 30% and your purchase discount will increase to 35%. 

Advancement to Next Levels:

To move from an Advanced Diva or Hustler to a Senior Diva or Hustler, you must have 6 Active Advanced Divas and/or Hustlers in your Downline with a total Monthly Revenue for your team of $1200.

To move from a Senior Diva or Hustler to a Director you must have 9 Active Advanced Divas and/or Hustlers and 3 Senior Divas and/or Hustlers with a total Team Revenue of $3600 a Month.

NOTE: To remain an Active Senior Diva or Hustler or a Director, you must Purchase or Sell a minimum of $300 in items every 3 months.

All Divas and Hustlers can get paid off of 2 Levels under them.

Diva or Hustler - 30% Purchase Discount, 25% website commissions, 2% from First Line and 1% from Second Line.

Advanced Diva or Hustler - 35% Purchase Discount, 30% Website Commissions, 3% from First Line and 2% from Second Line.

Senior Diva or Hustler - 45% Purchase Discount, 40% Website Commissions, 4% from First Line and 3% from 2nd Line.

Director - 50% Purchase Discount, 45% Website Commissions, 5% from First Line and 4% from Second Line 

Override Commissions and New Kit bonuses are paid out the 10th of each month for the Previous Month.

Divas and Hustlers will get paid a $10 Bonus for every New Hire Sign Up with Kit Purchase. These Bonuses will be paid out with your monthly override bonus.

Website Commissions are paid out every Friday for the previous week (Mon-Sun) sales.  We payout through PayPal and PayPal does charge a fee for this service.  Presenters are responsible for the PayPal fees.  Here is the list of the amount PayPal charges: If the fee is passed to you, it is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive.  For example, if you are sent $100.00 USD by credit card, the fee would be #3.20 USD ($2.90 + $0.30).  This fee also applies if you click Request Money on the PayPal website and request money from family and friends.